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Crank-it Straight Drop Awnings


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    CRANK-IT external awnings eliminate the need for any ropes, pulleys or tie-down points. Using channels to guide both fabric and bottom rails, the CRANK-IT combines both flexibility and simplicity. The CRANK-IT comes standard as crank control or optioned for remote control. Fabric, hardware and trims can be colour coordinated for every application. Our Wire guide option replaces the same heavy-duty proportions as the CRANK-IT whilst replacing the channels with stainless steel guide cable creating a sleek and modern aesthetic. Tie-down straps can also be used instead of wires or channels, making the awnings virtually disappear when not in use. The Robusta Awning is based on the robust top roller system of the CRANK-IT whilst opting for a 4 sided bottom rail coupled to heavy-duty pivot arms. This allows a pivot arm awning with very large proportions and drops. CRANK-IT awnings are suitable for open plan decks & living areas, come in a wide choice of fabric options and can be motorised for ease of operation in hard to reach areas.

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