Influenced by nature, Nelma is tropical floral foliage in a sheer, modern drapery. Self-weighted with a continuous 300cm width and featuring a tossed botanical design, Nelma is a contemporary floral that is ideal for creating serene and harmonious moods, and relaxed and inviting spaces.

Dry and tactile in nature, Nelma offers an organic and raw finish in harmonious neutral hues that create calming and ethereal spaces while still allowing light to filter through. This collection also features a two-toned effect with a striking marled yarn that gives the fabric a subtle textured appearance, adding to the natural aesthetic it provides to an interior

Nelma is perfectly suited for use as S-Fold, pleated or gathered curtains. Coordinate with a decorative rod to create a bespoke look for any home.

Nelma Foliage Sheer by Warwick Fabrics

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